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Student-Professional Synergy: Our student crews work alongside experienced landscapers, bridging theory with practice. They learn the intricacies of landscaping construction, from retaining walls to paving stone installations. As they dig, plant, and sculpt, they absorb the artistry that transforms raw land into captivating outdoor spaces.

Pawing Stone Installation
Garden Beds Construction
Irrigation Construction
Lawn Features Construction
Landscaping Construction and Hardscaping services by College Lawn Care. Services to Edmonton and Calgary


We’re an economical alternative to traditional landscaping companies. Students contribute their energy and curiosity, while professionals ensure precision and excellence. The result? High-quality work at reasonable rates.

Fence Construction
Deck and Patio Construction
Retaining Wall Construction
Sheds, Gazebos and Pergollas
hardscaping Construction, Landscaping Construction by College Lawn Care Edmonton and Calgary


Earthworks involves shaping the land to create functional and aesthetic features. It encompasses tasks like gradingexcavation, and drainage. Whether preparing a foundation, building a retaining wall, or installing a patio, earthworks lay the groundwork for a harmonious landscape. Sod landscaping, on the other hand, transforms bare soil into lush green lawns. It’s the art of laying down pre-grown grass (sod) to create an instant carpet of green. Sod installation ensures immediate beauty, erosion control, and a thriving outdoor space.

Skidsteer Work
Rough Grading
Final Grading
Skidsteer Services by College Lawn Care

Empowering Tomorrow’s Green Thumbs: College Lawn Care Services

In the world of commercial property management, maintaining pristine lawns is more than just aesthetics—it’s a reflection of professionalism and care. Enter college lawn care services, a dynamic blend of student enthusiasm and professional expertise. Here’s how this symbiotic relationship benefits all parties involved:

Student-Led Precision:

  • Student crews, fueled by ambition and guided by seasoned professionals, bring fresh energy to the field.
  • They learn the art of precision—mowing, edging, aerating, and seeding—with meticulous attention to detail.
  • As they gain practical experience, they contribute to the overall quality of lawn care.

Affordability Meets Excellence:

  • Student services operate with lower overhead costs, translating to affordable pricing for commercial property owners.
  • These budget-friendly rates don’t compromise on quality. Student crews are motivated to excel, knowing their work impacts both their education and the properties they serve.

Win-Win for All:

  • Students: They earn while learning, gaining valuable skills that extend beyond the green turf.
  • Property Owners and Tenants: They receive top-notch lawn care without breaking the bank.
  • Community: The bond between local students and commercial spaces strengthens, fostering a sense of pride and shared responsibility.

Quality Assurance:

  • Professional supervision ensures that student efforts align with industry standards.
  • The result? Lush, healthy lawns that enhance curb appeal and create inviting outdoor spaces.

So, next time you see those eager student crews tending to lawns, recognize the powerful collaboration at play. It’s not just about grass—it’s about growth, education, and a thriving community.

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